About Me

As a designer, I am in contact with my inner child. In the design process, I’m experimental, colorful and curious. I typically get my inspiration from the positive and slightly wicked. I like to work with contrasts, such as LEGO meets the wilderness or scout vs. hip-hop.


Colorful and nerdy prints are a passion of mine. One of my favorites is the Greek pixel print on the oversized Bomber to the left.


I love sneakers and I have chosen to design shoes in several of my projects - latest in a school project in cooperation with Nike. During the project, I designed, constructed and sewed my own shoe, with focus on sustainability.

About Dirk Idyl

Dirk Idyl is my alter ego. He is the one taking control of the design process.


Dirk Idyl is an explorer who travels around my universe, exploring it in his magical and ultramodern inspiration-ship. Every new idea equals a new land or a planet even, which is yet to be explored to collect inspiration for future projects and collections.

Dirk Idyl and The Bear on camping trip in Australia

Dirk Idyl and The Bear flew to Australia where they arrived to an old caravan waiting for them. They were going on holiday and they had made it their goal to explore every corner of the continent. The two of them didn't have much money, so if they wanted to be able to manage the road and afford the trip home again, they had to come up with something. They then got the idea that they could go hunting shoes to sell on the local market.


The Bear had his own shoe brand back in Denmark, or so he said. In reality he was just the mascot, and it wasn't a paid job. And now he had to hunt shoes in Australia. But fortunately he knew a whole lot about shoes, and he knew exactly which ones that would sell well.


Dirk Idyl was very good at catching the shoes and could tell precisely where to look for the different sorts. You can compare him to Steve Irwin who possessed an unlimited knowledge about dangerous animals. Dirk Idyl possessed the same knowledge, just about shoes instead of animals. Unluckily Steve Irwin died from a venomous ray in Australia. Shoes are not quite as dangerous, but it wouldn't be a surprise to anyone if one day Dirk Idyl would have to depart this life, after intensely fighting a pointed ballerina with Velcro.


Dirk Idyl and The Bear was the perfect match. Together they should find and catch the exact kinds of shoes that the Australian markets were craving. They had packed all they needed and could now begin their trip.