Don't Call Me Doll
This is my BA project in Fashion Design. The exam was in January and I got an A+. I see a connection between the Peter Pan generation, who refuse to grow old, and the tendency to be fascinated by the nostalgia of a childhood in the 90's. I have designed a collection exclusively for that generation. Problem Statement The starting point of the project was two observations. First, the casual lifestyle of 'generation Y', born in the 80's and grown up in the 90's, also known as the 'Peter Pan generation'. Second, the retro wave also showing in the memories of a childhood in the 90's expressed in boutiques, blogs and websites dedicated to toys, movies and video games from the 90's. I wanted to design a collection exclusively for the Peter Pan generation; a collection that meet their aesthetics and sentimental attachment to their childhood.
Target group I made a desktop research to confirm my assumption that the Peter Pan generation is indeed drawn by the nostalgia of childhood, and to assess if there will be a market for the collection. By interviewing three representative groups of the Peter Pan generation, I have examined the needs and aesthetics of the target group. These interviews were analyzed within the framework of the "The Four Pleasures" model. It has given me important knowledge of the target group's needs and sentimental attachment to certain things. Based on that I have decided on an aesthetic strategy for the collection.
Design Process

To give the owner an emotional attachment to the product, I have worked with storytelling. I have decided for my collection to be inspired by the movie "Space Jam" from 1996. The design process itself is built around storytelling. With inspiration from the Old World explorers, I have created a design manual that I can use to tell the story about the creation of the collection from a World explorer's perspective. I divided their journey into seven stages which I have transferred into my design process. The theme of the collection is handled as if it was a new continent that is to be explored. Through the stages of the design manual, I study the inspiration subject, make decisions about designs, choose colors and materials, I outline, create prints and select styles. The story about the product's creation is going to help the owner read the message in the final collection.

Colors & Materials
Print Design
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