Kea Meets Nike

I wanted to develop a concept I could use for designing sneakers with zero waste for Nike SB. I used tessellation as a method to incorporate zero waste.


In the assignment I was told to use Nike’s key word “high performance” for inspiration. I chose to find my inspiration in nature that in my opinion is high performance on an extreme level. I asked the nature:

how do you solve zero waste?


In my brainstorm I came across numerous possibilities, but I chose to focus on bees and the way they build their hives by recycling materials without any waste.

At my school Kea, our 5th semester Fashion Design project was based on Nike’s approach to sustainable innovation and performance.


We had to present clothing and accessories developed with a main focus on materials and sustainability. We were challenged to work with methods and techniques based on the principles of Zero Waste.

I’m excited by Nikes devotion to the project, and very happy that Dave Cobban, Snr. Director Systems Innovation at Nike and Stephani Kobayashi Stevenson, Director of Network Mobilization and Communications at Nike came all the way to Denmark to review our projects and give us feedback.


There is an article about the project on

I experimented with different shapes and tesselation pattern till I was satisfied with the design.

The final Pattern

The final pattern for the upper can be repeated on a large

piece of material, which will make the material waste minimal

on a large production.

I wanted to base my designs on the Nike Low Dunk Sneaker, therefore I decoded the pattern and used it as a template in my design process.

My idea for material use is leather from grass fed cows on the upper, recycled denim for the inside and natural latex for the sole. Bees and their behaviour should inspire the colours as well.

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