Shoe the Bear

Final exam-project at Kea, Dec. 2011


The task included:

I had to choose a company to design for. The project should result in a design process, a final collection and a sales book presenting the final styles. The exam consisted of a report of 25 pages presenting an analysis of the company, a problem statement, and the development of a new concept for the company. The project was presented in an oral exam. I received an A+ for the project.

Problem statement:

How can I design a Shoe the Bear S/S 2013-2014 shoe collection for men and women, targeted the Australian market and keeping the DNA from Shoe The Bear?


I choose to make a collaboration between Shoe the Bear and Dirk Idyll (that’s me). Shoe The Bear works a lot with storytelling. So I choose to do the same. The collection is going to be airy because it’s a summer collection for the warm Australian climate.


I was inspired by a lot of different things, but I decided to work with these three subjects, one in each corner of the triangle. Each subject is described by images and five keywords.


Top: Dirk Idyll - Nerdy, street, colorful, playful mindset, and wicked.


Right: Australia - Ayers Rock, the Opera of Sidney, Super Bank (Gold Coast), Australian animals, and the Great Barrier Reef.


Left: Shoe The Bear - humor, storytelling, the Bear (the mascot of Shoe The Bear), flexible/mobile, and funky.


The X’s in the triangle represents form, color and material. The position of the X indicates where the inspiration is drawn from. E.g. Shoe The Bear and Australia inspire the form.


I have created a story in a universe where the shoes are alive and must be caught before you can walk in them, or sell them. My story is about the Bear and Dirk Idyll traveling through Australia chasing and catching the shoes.

Colors & Materials

Suede, leather, canvas and linen.

Men's Collection
Woman's Collection
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