Young Mind - Old Body

This is my project for the sixth semester assignment.

The assignment demanded a design for a specific brand based on a dichotomy – both brand and dichotomy of my own choice.


Idea and Concept


My idea was to develop a S/S 15 collection for Astrid Andersen, inspired by “Young Mind - Old Body”. In other words an interpretation of the dichotomy “Young – Old”.


I wanted my concept to be a fusion of the contradictions of “Young Mind - Old Body” on several levels such as: form, colour, and materials, while keeping in mind the universe and target audience of Astrid Andersen.


My process started by asking my focus group to define “Young Mind - Old Body”. I got the following statements:

Young Mind: The ability to be open for change and sudden impulses. To be “on the beat” and the ability to play, just for sake of playing.

For inspiration I chose “The old Greek” vs. “Nintendo Nes” from my trends forecast.

Form and Sketching

Losing control inspired the form of my design; I used silhouettes of falling cloth.

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